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Toileting & Bathing Aids are designed for those with mobility problems, to help them manage their toileting needs independently, and without the need for expensive new bathrooms.

We have a wide range of toileting aids including commodes, handheld urinals,raised toilet seats, washable bed sheets, toilet frames, etc.

Commodes are the ideal solution for those who find it difficult to reach their bathrooms; perhaps you only have one bathroom which is upstairs and cannot get there as quickly as you would like. A commode chair comes in a range of styles, from basic economy commodes, folding commodes, to more stylish, wicker commodes that blend in somewhat better.

If perhaps you just have difficulty getting on and off the toilet,we have a selection of raised toilet seats and safety frames that make using the toilet easy for those with mobility issues.

Bath lifts are an excellent idea for people who don’t find bathing as easy as they used to, and maybe perhaps struggle getting in and out of a traditional bath or shower, and are perhaps considering a walk in bath or shower could benefit from a bathlift. A walk in bath can provide convenience but the bathroom will need to be redesigned, and there can be a lot of inconvenience involved. Also it is important to remember that the walk in bath will have to completely empty before the user can get out of the bath. This can cause some people to get cold, especially if the bath is full. These are all things that need to be considered when purchasing a bath lift.

All of our toilet aids, commodes, raised toilet seats and bath lifts that we supply are in our shop or if you require further information call us on 01934 838363.