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If you cannot get to us we are happy to come to you!

6 Pages Court

High Street


BS49 4EG

01934 838363

Daily Living Aids

We have a selection of disability aids and mobility products that are designed to help those with mobility issues to regain their independence and make the simple things in life that had previously become difficult, that little bit easier.

From the small disability equipment that takes care of basic needs, such as caring mugs, gripped cutlery and bibs, to the larger disability aids and equipment such as overbed tables, walking trolleys and perching stools we try to stock items which make everyday life at home as simple as possible.

We have a selection of domestic disability aids such as bibs, plate surrounds, two handled mugs and 'Knork' cutlery to make eating and drinking a great deal easier. We have things like weekly pill dispensers, pill crushers/splitters, button hooks, zip loops, key turners, Dycem mats, tin openers, multi jar openers, self opening scissors and therapy balls.

For more information please call on 01934 838363.