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Rise and Recliner Chairs

man on riser recliner chair
riser recliner chair
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Electric rise and recliner chairs take the strain out of getting in and out of armchairs, they allow the user to get in and out of their chairs with ease.

We have a good selection of riser recliner chairs at our shop, where you can physically sit in them and decide for yourself how comfortable they are. Our rise and recliner chairs come with a range of different functions and prices to suit every pocket. Our riser recliner chairs come in a vast array of styles, from fabric (or water resistant fabric), wooden arm rests, to stylish leather riser recliner chairs.

The two most popular types of rise and recliner chairs; those with a single motor, and those that use a dual motor controls. A single motor rise and recliner chair controls the back rest and foot plate at the same time, while a dual motor riser recliner chair allows you to operate both sections of the rise & recline chair independently. Both types of chair raise you to your feet and safely lower you to a seated position.

When space is at a premium why not consider a wallhugger action because as the name suggests these chairs can be safely positioned close to a wall. We can provide top quality made to measure chairs, chairs with pressure cushions built in, additional lateral support, tilt in space mechanism, anti entrapment in fact just about every concievable type of rise and recliner chair all from leading manufacturers and always at the best possible price.

If you prefer we have low priced high back fireside chairs. High back fireside chairs offer excellent head, neck and lumbar support. With polished wooden arms, giving you more grip confidence and padded arms for comfort they are a real hit with customers who prefer a more traditional chair.

We can even provide Sofa’s and Settees to match many of our rise & recliner chairs.

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